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We are a young family that loves to travel and go on adventures. When it was just the two of us — David and Iris — as college students we kept ourselves on a very tight budget. Now that we have our amazing daughter, Abigail, we've learned to go on family-friendly trips while still saving big. We love to go on all sorts of adventures, but most of all, we love cute chocolate shops, museums, and plays.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - London Calling: Our Fourth Day of Adventure 🇬🇧


The night before Abigail couldn’t sleep, so we had a late start to the morning. So, unfortunately, we missed breakfast but our plans today included a more low-key day with just the British Museum and British Library. So, we started on our walk to the British Museum, which took us through Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. On the way there, we stopped for these delicious huge dessert pastries for breakfast then we saw a Duck Store and our family loves ducks, so we went in really fast to take a picture and of course, we ended up leaving when Abby picked a “Jane Austen” duck that she just had to have.

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British Museum 🗿

British Museum, Assyrian Throne Room Entrance

When we finally get to the British Museum, Abby is ready to get up and stretch. We didn’t realize we needed to reserve tickets ahead of time, so we waited in line. It went by pretty fast, but it was still pretty hard to wait in line with a restless baby. The museum is free and very stroller friendly, and with a stroller, or baby, you get to go in a special security line. When we walked in the museum, we were in awe of how big it was, and definitely wanted to see it all. The exhibit we happened into was the Africa exhibit, which was definitely Abby’s favorite, she loved walking around and pointing at everything and saying “wow”. Then we grabbed lunch at the museum because we were starving, so we got more delicious English Sandwiches. Then we walked Abby around trying to get her to go to sleep, but she wasn’t really having it so we mostly just hung out near the cafe since there were other loud children, since the exhibits were all pretty quiet. The parts of the museum that we did get to see were absolutely incredible, and we couldn’t wait to go back. We wish we did get reservations at least for the British Tea Experience upstairs, because it looked very baby friendly and really good, but unfortunately we didn’t.

British Library 📖

British Library

Next stop, the British library! We know it’s not a typical tourist stop, but since it was near the museum we figured it would be a good place to stop as we try to get Abby asleep. We get to the library, and we notice that it definitely isn’t a tourist attraction as there are locals drinking coffee, working, and studying and not a single other blatantly obvious tourist, other than us, there, so we go up to the front desk to ask “what’s to see here?” He points us to a museum exhibit on the second floor. So we first go to the bathroom for a much needed diaper change, then we check out the exhibit. We had to switch off though because Abigail was pretty loud and everyone in the exhibit was very quiet. We did like the exhibit a lot though and I honestly really admired their Shakespeare collection as well as the Magna Carta were the big highlights. I definitely think this is a place to visit, if you know what you are looking for and have something in mind you want to see, but in terms of kid friendliness, I'm not sure if it’s the best. While the baby restrooms and cafe downstairs were great for Abby, the exhibit and main library were not kid-friendly because we felt bad since there was someone working or in a meeting around every corner and we felt bad for disturbing them. We are glad we went once, but probably not a place we’d visit again without a good reason, especially not with a young baby.

Abbey Road 🎶

Abbey Road

Our next stop was Abbey Road! My family loves the Beatles and I'm also an avid fan. I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan like my grandma, but I can definitely do a mad Beatles karaoke party. It was a bit of a trek to Abbey Road first taking the tub then about a 10 minute walk. There’s plenty of signage, but it’s definitely outside the main attractions of London. We get to Abbey Road and there’s already a few people there just walking back and forth taking pictures. Note, everyone there will definitely be Americans. We had a lot of fun walking back and forth taking pictures. It’s so much fun walking and having someone constantly taking your pictures. Other than the iconic background, there really isn’t much of a sign that says “Abbey Road”. Another warning is that Abbey Road is an actual road and a pretty busy one, so it was a bit scary just walking back and forth.

London Bridge 🌉

London Bridge Sign

At this point, we were a bit sad that we hadn’t even been inside the city of London, so we took the tube to London Bridge. At this point it was at night though, so we got off the train and went straight across the bridge. It was a beautiful sight especially at night, but it was extremely busy. Then we grabbed sandwiches at Pret, as I breastfed Abby to sleep. Then we did a quick pit stop at Leadenhall Market, where shots of Diagon Alley and all of its colorful shops and emporiums were filmed in Harry Potter. It was night time though, so the shops were already closed, but still a cool sight to see nonetheless. Then we took a taxi home for the night, because the next day off to Paris!

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