ADI’s Travel

We are a young family that loves to travel and go on adventures. When it was just the two of us — David and Iris — as college students we kept ourselves on a very tight budget. Now that we have our amazing daughter, Abigail, we've learned to go on family-friendly trips while still saving big. We love to go on all sorts of adventures, but most of all, we love cute chocolate shops, museums, and plays.


Museum Fun (revisited)

Bringing Abby to the Boston Science Museum where we first met.
April 2024

A Concert of a Lifetime

A weekend day trip for Abby's favorite band!
April 2024

Boston Marathon with a Baby 🏃🏼‍♀️

Perfect weather, cheering the marathon runners on.
April 2024

93% Solar Eclipse in Boston

The heavens line up for something greater: a fun afternoon.
April 2024

Spring Break 2024 - A Family Adventure Through Ireland, London, and Paris

Our first time in Europe. A non-stop whirlwind tour to see all the highlights in 10 days of spring break.
March 2024

Cruise to Roatan, Cozumel, Costa Maya

8 days of pure relaxation!
January 2024

Making the Most of a Museum Visit

Here's our best tips and tricks on planning to go to the museum.

Before you visit

Tickets: Many of the best museums in the world are completely free, like the British Museum and the Smithsonian Museums. Many more, including the Louvre, have free or heavily discounted days. Try prioritizing the free museums, and check to see if and when the museum of your choice has reduced price tickets.

Exhibits: It's good to have a goal in mind. Finding exhibits or items that you are excited to see ahead before you visit is a great way to make the trip fun. It gives a sense of adventure and discovery, and avoids getting lost and bored in a museum. Museums are often very big and there is something for everyone as long as you can find it.

Research: I (David) was taking a history class on Ancient Mesopotamia. It was incredible to see the throne room of Ashurnasirpal at the British Museum and the victory stele of Naram-sin at the Louvre because I knew the history behind the artifacts. I loved that I was able to tell Irissa and Abigail the stories behind them and it made the trip all the more meaningful to me. I highly advise researching some of the stories ahead of time.

During your visit

Drinks: Don't neglect staying hydrated and your blood sugar levels! Everything is much more fun if you have energy and it's all too easy to forget to drink water when you are wandering the galleries. Bottled water is almost always allowed, and if the museum allows it, a Coke or an orange juice is great for keeping everyone's brains going at top speed

Don't be afraid to ask: The museum staff is always very helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions on what to see next or how to get somewhere.

Take pictures: Of course, you shouldn't be posing for pictures for the entirety of your visit. But be enthusiastic in snapping photos. Photos are a great way to remember a trip by. Photos are also great for framing your visit. For directing your focus to specific items and a list of things to get photographs with can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. There's no shame in wanting to memorialize your experience. Items in a museum have taken many lifetimes to collect and curate. They are happy to have another photo taken with you.