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We are a young family that loves to travel and go on adventures. When it was just the two of us — David and Iris — as college students we kept ourselves on a very tight budget. Now that we have our amazing daughter, Abigail, we've learned to go on family-friendly trips while still saving big. We love to go on all sorts of adventures, but most of all, we love cute chocolate shops, museums, and plays.


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Saturday, March 16, 2024 - Our Last full day in London: Entering the City of London 🌉


The night before, I made reservations at Westminster Abbey, a British Tea Experience at the British Museum, Shakespeare Globe Theater for a tour and to see the play “Romeo and Juliet” with Deutsche Bank, so we had a packed day. After our breakfast at the Hub, our first stop was Westminster Abbey.

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Westminster Abbey ⛪

Ceiling of Westminster Abbey

The weather was absolutely beautiful. The Abbey looked incredible, and it was wonderful exploring the inside of Westminster Abbey. The Abbey was so big and one of the biggest surprises for us was how many people were buried in the Abbey. They had free tour guides, but we didn’t really get a chance to use them, because Abby likes pulling them off our heads so we just got to take in the beautiful chapel, which was perfectly fine for us. Not all of the Abbey was stroller friendly with tiny stairs here and there, so we just walked/ strolled, wherever Abbey led us. As we were leaving the main Abbey into the courtyard, an Abbey guard helped open the door as we carried Abbey over the stairs and the guard told us that Abby gets treated better than the Queen as even the queen doesn’t get carried over the stairs. After Westminster Abbey, we were off to the city of London!

We crossed the bridge, saw Big Ben again, and got a closer look at the London Eye. We decided to just admire the London Eye from far away rather than take it around, mainly because the long line and Abby was comfy in her stroller as we were moving around. Then we passed a food market, and we got chocolate strawberries, which Abby and I LOVED! Then we continued our walk to the Shakespeare Globe Theater, we arrived about 30 minutes early for our tour, which was fine. It allowed us to take a bathroom break and a diaper change and Abby could walk around.

Shakespeare Globe Theater 🎭

Watching rehersals at the Globe Theater

We ended up hopping on an earlier tour. The tour online seemed like we could bring the baby, but they seemed a bit confused by the stroller and weren’t quite sure where we should put it, since we couldn’t bring it in the theater. We ended up putting the stroller outside the theater doors, where later the other theater goer strollers went as well. We went into the theater and the tour was incredible. We learned about the different seats, the royal rumors, as well as how the theater was created by breaking down and building up another theater. We got to hear all about the history of the theater, but the best part of it was that we got one of the last tours before the big show, so the actors were warming up. They don’t use microphones so they were practicing their vocalizations and of course, Abby being Abby, joined in as they said “oooooo” and “aaaaa” Abby went “oooo” and “aaa”, and the actors and the others on the tour were cheering for her and it was the sweet thing. Definitely brought tears to my eyes.

After the tour, we had about an hour before the show started, so we grabbed lunch at the theater as Abby fell asleep. We also bought a really cute blue sweatshirt with a Shakespeare Quote for mommy, but to put over Abby because it was getting pretty chilly outside. Then the show was about to begin, because we got “peasant seats” which were the cheapest, and since we bought them at the last minute there weren't any other great seats left. But after the experience, we would do it again! First thing first, I moved Abby from the stroller to my hip carrier then tucked her against my chest and under the sweatshirt I just bought. But the minute the show started, she woke up and was ready to watch! She loved the show!!!! She was practically trying to jump on the stage. Everytime someone would have a song or dance, she would clap her hands, or every time an actor walked off stage she would say “more” “more”. There were some parts that were a bit loud for her, but I would cover her ears and then she would move my hands away from her ears because she didn’t want me to cover her ears. We watched the majority of the play, but when Mauricio and Tibalt died, Abby got really sad and really into the show. She would point at the “killers” and scream “bad guy” “bad guy”, so we had to step out of the theater, but the timing worked well because we needed to get to our British Tea Experience at the British museum anyways.

British Tea Experience 🫖

British Tea Experience

So off we went, we ordered a Black Cab that took us to the museum. There wasn’t as much of a line because the museum was about to close, but we wanted the later appointment so we had more time to explore. The tea experience was so much fun and we all loved it, and we weren’t stressed at all if the baby was a bit loud and messy, but she loved it and wanted to devour everything (especially the desserts). The tea experience was everything we imagined and definitely an iconic experience of London. Then David explored a bit, as Abby and I got cleaned up and explored the gift shop. As we left the British Museum, we learned that there is actually an elevator instead of the main stairs, which would’ve helped us immensely the other times.

Then we headed back to our hotel for the last time to get ready and pack 😥.

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